Want to Improve Your Daily Comfort with Professional Help from a Home Improvement Contractor Near Mamaroneck, NY?

The simple act of owning a home is often far more complex than it seems – especially for the elderly. Keeping up with the everyday tasks that come with homeownership can be particularly hard for those who begin to lose their mobility, and making one’s home more accessible can often require professional help from an experienced home remodeling or renovation contractor.

Fortunately for homeowners and residential property owners in the greater New York City region, Justino Contracting offers aging-in-place services to help homeowners who want to make their property more accessible and comfortable as they age. We work directly with families in understanding your needs, forming an innovative and affordable design-build plan that addresses all of your concerns, and providing a professional modification to your property so you or your loved ones can maintain complete independence as the years go by.

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Common Renovation Services

Homeowners considering a professional aging-in-place service from Justino Contracting might be pleasantly surprised to learn that even seemingly modest changes go a long way to making a home more safe, comfortable, and liveable for the elderly.

Common renovation services include installing walk-in or seated showers, adding durable handlebars throughout the home, installing brighter lighting or more lights to aid in enhanced eyesight, installing non-slip flooring in common areas of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms, and much more. Helping loved ones enjoy the safety and comfort of their own home has never been easier with Justino Contracting at your side.

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