Design & Layout Consultation

  • Site or office visit for design consultation

  • Existing condition layout plans and photographs

  • Discussion on preliminary ideas and solutions

  • Inspiration images and references sharing

Kitchen/Bath basic

  • Layout plan

  • Cabinetry design

  • Cabinetry detailing for construction

Complete Service Design

  • Construction drawings, lighting plans, cabinetry detailing and design boards;

  • Services management;

  • Design selection:

  • Finishes, materials, furniture, decor, samples

  • Installation management:

  • Timeframe administration

  • Regular visits to site to check installation

  • Cleaning service


Programming and Conception

  • Discussion on the scope of work

  • Questionnaire about style and preferences

  • Preliminary ideas and solutions

  • Inspiration images and references sharing

  • Documentation of existing condition (measurements and photographs)

  • Preliminary layout plans and design boards

  • Initial project estimates are developed and reviewed with clients to ensure goals are in line with finances.

  • Comprehensive cost analysis and realistic budgeting.

Design development

  • Design development including layout plans, elevations, millwork detailing and lighting plan;

  • Design boards presenting selected colors, materials, fixtures, finishes furniture and samples;

  • Specification document of selected furnishings, materials, fixtures and costs as well;

  • Showroom visit.

Finalizing the design

  • Final drawings for construction (construction documents).

  • Order placement of materials, finishes and furniture.


  • Pull permits

  • Timeframe administration

  • Installation management

Delivered goods inspection

Working in a dynamic and collaborative partnership project delivery culminates when the build is complete and the space is ready to serve its function on time and within budget.